About Us

Our dried figs collected from the mountain villages of Aydın region, which are described as the best fig in the world due to the ideal conditions of the region where it grows, are carefully selected and processed and presented to you.

Using the advantages of being a boutique establishment, we carefully select and process each fig collected in the season under high hygiene conditions, and deliver it to you in the most natural and healthy form.

Our products are obtained from the best dried figs, which do not contain any preservatives or additives, grown and processed naturally and carefully selected.

It is our greatest effort to deliver high quality and delicious products to you in the most natural and healthiest form since our establishment.

Our Values

  • Superior Quality
  • Hygiene
  • Reliability
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Innovation


To deliver the most natural and healthy products with the most delicious forms to people we cooperate with trust and transparency principles, institutions and organizations in Turkey and all over the world.


To deliver high quality and only healthy flavors, especially dried figs to all parts of the world with the awareness that our business is established on fertile soil.